Your third molars, referred to as your “wisdom teeth,” often need to be removed before the age of 21. This is because there just isn’t enough room in the mouth for them. These teeth may only partially erupt, erupt sideways, or become impacted based on a wide variety of individual factors. The only way to treat this condition when it presents itself is through a wisdom tooth extraction.

Although wisdom teeth removal is an oral surgery, it is one that is commonly performed. Expert dental services can make a real difference in the length of the procedure and patient recovery times. For patients in Vancouver, BC, that means contacting Skyline Dental Centre for a consultation today.

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Wisdom teeth are removed before the age of 21 because the roots are not fully formed, making it easier to section out the tooth. Sometimes the third molars are taken out earlier because of infection, gum disease development, or other health factors. This is especially true if an examination has determined that the wisdom teeth may be impacted.

If removal is determined to be warranted after an examination, then we may recommend removing just one problematic wisdom tooth or recommend removing all of them at once.

You deserve the very best when it comes time for your wisdom teeth removal. Our 15 years of experience in removing symptomatic wisdom teeth speaks for itself. Contact us at 604-987-1234.